Why Lionel Messi Playing For Barcelona For Free Would Have Been ‘Legally Impossible’

Barcelona legend Lionel Messi would have been unable to play for the La Liga club for free due to it being “legally impossible” under Spanish law.

“I offered to reduce my salary by 50 per cent, but they didn’t ask me for anything else,” he said.

“The news I asked for 30 per cent more is a lie, a lot of things people are saying are not true.”

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Now, The Daily Mirror’s Colin Millar has dismissed fans’ claims that Messi could have played for Barcelona for free if he ‘loved the club so much.’

According to Millar, Spanish law requires any new contract to be a minimum of 50 per cent of a player’s previous wage in a bid to “avoid financial manipulation.”

He tweeted: “It would have been legally impossible for Lionel Messi to play for free at Barcelona.

“Any new contract is, by Spanish law, required to be a minimum of 50 per cent of previous wage (this is in place to avoid financial manipulation).”

Barcelona’s current debt reportedly stands at around a staggering £1bn (€1.2bn).

The Financial Times reports that Messi’s wages tripled under former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu and he earned more than €555m between 2017 and 2021.

Current Barcelona president Joan Laporta has also revealed that the Spanish club lost a whopping £412m (€487m) in the 2020-21 season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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