There’s only one thing on my weekend to-do list

A relaxed woman sitting on her couch with her hands behind her head.

What will I be doing this weekend? Resting.

After a long work week and a month of not feeling my best, I’m using the weekend to get some much needed R&R.

Typically I go into the weekend with a long list of to-dos from errands to chores, but this time, I’m really trying to slow down and just relax.

Who else can relate to going into the weekend trying to get so much done that by the time the next week rolls around you’re more stressed than before? I know I’ve done that.

So instead of setting my expectations for productivity so high, I’m trying to be realistic. Of course I’m not going to be bed ridden for two days straight, but I am going to not get caught up in that overwhelming feeling of needing to be productive.

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