The World’s Best, Most Beautiful Piers

With oceanfront music venues, sea baths, and restaurants, these 15 spots prove there is so much more to piers than docking boats.

It’s summertime, and there’s no better place to be than by the coast, going for a stroll with ice cream in hand. If that seaside town has a pier, even better. But there are piers and then there are piers. Built initially as landing sites for ships and ferries, accessible even during low tide, piers soon turned into entertainment venues, often resulting from day-trippers arriving at the end of the pier and empty space being recognized as a lost opportunity for income from shopping or fairground attractions.

Today there are many old and once beautiful piers overcrowded with modern arcade games, cheap trinket shops, and kids’ rides; just think of the popular Blackpool Pier in the UK and the Santa Monica Pier. But, while these famed piers are popular, they do not feature heavily in this list. Instead, this selection offers examples of piers with a unique appeal or distinctive reason for being noteworthy.

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