Teachers let students sleep in class. Here’s why.

Sleeping in class may not be laziness, but the sign of a larger issue, experts say.

You know the image from TV and movies — the delinquent, defiant slumped over his desk, fast asleep in class. But some teachers today are making waves on social media for letting their students snooze in class, arguing sleeping in class isn’t always the mark of a lazy, disrespectful student, and instead it could be an indicator of more serious mental health issues at play. 

TikTok user @bcholeman garnered 7.4 million likes for a video he posted about cutting students some slack when it comes to sleep.

“Sometimes the nicest thing a teacher can do for a student is let them come in, lay their head down and go to sleep,” he said. “Life can hit hard, and we all need some grace.”

User @ms.old says she also lets her students sleep in class sometimes. She believes if a student takes a nap in the morning, they tend to be “more refreshed for the rest of the day… less likely to have an attitude problem (and) more likely to be motivated to do the next activity.”

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