Sweden’s Tiny, Unstaffed, High-Tech Rural Grocery Stores

The technology used at Lifvs is akin to what Amazon uses at its cashierless stores, Amazon Go.

Lifvs convenience store

Inside a Lifvs store.


But there’s a key difference, Lundh said. At an Amazon Go store, the technology will automatically detect when an item is taken from or returned to the shelves (using cameras). These are then added or removed to a virtual basket.

At Lifvs, customers have to physically scan and add items to the app, which gives the company a chance to interact with the customer more, he said. 

“To me, you’re throwing away the biggest advantage by not helping them [the customer] with a shopping list or pushing a recipe or coupon,” he said. 

“If I [the retailer] can only track someone with a camera … that doesn’t give me anything more than the data of what they buy,” he added.

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