OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Villa Agape, Dubrovnik, Croatia (Vrbo): Dubrovnik is one of the most well-rounded destinations travelers will find. It’s packed with history, both of a serious nature (the Croatian war of independence) and that of a more cinematic variety (it was the setting for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones); it has plenty of attractions for visitors who like to be active, but will also be a dream location for those who prefer their vacation decisions to consist of which lounge chair to sit in now; and it has enough local food and wine delicacies to delight every palate. If this sounds like the destination for you—and let us remind you, we’ve already established it’s the destination for everyone—you can ratchet up that perfection by planning a stay at the Villa Agape, a dream Croatian oasis just outside the walls of Dubrovnik’s Old Town.

The historic walls of Dubrovnik were built during the Middle Ages to protect the city’s citizens from invading enemies, both human and disease. The Villa Agape’s walls may not be quite as old, but this stone barrier mirrors the nearby stone defenses and protects visiting sun bathers from a far more insidious force: the prying eyes of neighbors.

You can have it all on your trip to Dubrovnik—Villa Agape has views of both Old Town Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea from two of the four bedrooms. If you want to carry this theme even further, opt to tell the host that you would like to add a private chef, private tour guide, and a luxury yacht charter to your stay. Nothing is off-limits… so long as you’re willing to shell out.

Dubrovnik is a UNESCO-protected city nicknamed the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” But just in case one pearl isn’t enough for you, plan a day trip to the island of Lokrum just a short ferry ride away and enjoy a glass of wine while communing with the peacocks and diving off the rocks into the sea.

The exterior of the house is all traditional Dubrovnik: red, terracotta-tiled roof; light limestone brick; and native foliage. But the interior is all modern with a design that emphasizes luxurious comfort.

The interior also employs that most popular of modern design concepts: the open-floor plan. Add in a color scheme of soothing neutrals and your vacation might start to feel very spa-like. Relaxation isn’t a choice at Villa Agape, it’s a fact of life.

The kitchen has all the modern appliances… that your hired private chef could dream of. We recommend outsourcing all feast preparations so you don’t miss any second of prime pool time. ‘But what if the evenings get a little breezy?” you may ask. Never fear—the pool is heated.

Each of the four bedrooms in the villa has a king-size bed, enabling the home to sleep a total of eight. This bedroom is one of two that features Adriatic views. May we recommend telling the poor souls who aren’t lucky enough to have this vista that you could see Italy across the sea while enjoying your morning cuppa? We find it’s good to rub things in, even if it’s not quite true.

In this bedroom, you can do your best impression of a swooning Victorian woman whose been struck by a case of “the vapors.” Insist that your holiday mates fetch you a glass of the finest bubbles and a bunch of grapes to get your constitution back into its 21st-century form.

One perk of taking on the task of booking the holiday rental is that you can call dibs on the best bedroom in the house… in this case, it’s this one. While all of the bedrooms are spacious, only this one inhabits the entire top floor of the house and has a balcony that overlooks both Old Town Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea.

If this bed doesn’t make you feel like a princess, we don’t know what will! On second thought, being difficult is one of the primary characteristics of being royal, so if you really are a princess, we’re sure you’ll find something wrong with even this gilded berth.

If there were a religion that worshiped the soaking tub, we would count ourselves as founding members. This one earns extra points for depth and view.

It’s hard not to feel like you’re on top of the world when occupying this master suite. Feel free to take that feeling to the luxury yacht you’re planning on chartering and doing your best Leonardo DiCaprio impression in the blessedly iceberg-free Adriatic.

Who would want to stay inside during the summer months when you’re on the coast? Thankfully, there is a “summer kitchen” at Villa Agape so that, if you are so inclined, you can cook without having to leave your outdoor oasis.

With this view, you are guaranteed the best vacation of your life…that is, until you embark on the next in the long string of holidays you’ve planned to make up for the cabin fever that was the entirety of 2020. Bon voyage!

Book Your Stay: Villa Agape, Dubrovnik, Croatia: $3,000/night via Vrbo

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