Google infringed on Sonos speaker tech patents, trade judge says


Sonos won a preliminary ruling in a legal battle against Google.


Google infringed on five patents owned by the speaker maker Sonos, a judge for the US International Trade Commission ruled on Friday.

The decision is preliminary, and the commission can decide whether to accept or reverse it in its final ruling on December 13th. 

The ruling follows a lawsuit Sonos filed in January 2020, claiming the search giant stole its technology when the two companies partnered to make sure Google’s music service worked well with Sonos speakers. The Santa Barbara, California-based company alleged Google infringed on five patents, including tech that lets people listen to audio in different rooms. 

Six months later, Google filed a countersuit against Sonos, alleging the wireless speaker company infringed on five of its patents when it comes to search features for music libraries, noise cancellation, wireless connectivity and more.

Google on Friday downplayed the decision. “We do not use Sonos’ technology, and we compete on the quality of our products and the merits of our ideas,” spokesman Jose Casteneda said in a statement. “We disagree with this preliminary ruling and will continue to make our case in the upcoming review process.” 

Sonos didn’t immediately return a request for comment. 

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