Blueland Clean Laundry Essentials Kit Review 2021

In comes the eco-friendly and innovative female-founded cleaning brand Blueland to the rescue with the Laundry Essentials Kit ($42). Just yesterday, the retailer added two new products to its laundry range, Clear Skies Oxi Booster Powders and New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls, joining the rave-reviewed scent-free laundry tabs. As with the detergent, the Oxi Booster is sold with one “forever tin” and the option to buy refill packets in compostable paper packaging to cut down on waste. The dryer balls, meanwhile, can be used again and again; Blueland says they’re good for up to 1,000 dryer cycles. (Compare that to single-use dryer sheets which are — surprise! — made of plastic.) And although it DOES contain fragrance, the stain-lifting Oxi Booster was made without any concerning Prop 65 ingredients or common allergens for the sake of people prone to itchy, inflamed skin. Now with the new Laundry Essentials Kit, we can sprinkle a dash of this crisp-linen smelling powder with our soap tablets into the wash, quickly throw in a reusable wool ball into our dryers, and have sweet-scented laundry for days (sans irritation).

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