7-Eleven launches Coca-Cola Slurpee on stratospheric ‘space’ flight

As the debate continues as to where Earth ends and outer space begins, one thing is now for certain: a 7-Eleven Slurpee has come closer to leaving the planet than any convenience store-dispensed drink has done before.

The high-flying frozen concoction took the skies on Tuesday (Aug. 10) for what 7-Eleven described as a “space delivery” for its 94th birthday. Poured into a special commemorative cup created just for the occasion, the Slurpee — and its camera-equipped platform — was “launched” under a helium-filled weather balloon from a 7-Eleven store in Michigan, the “Slurpee capital of the United States.” (Michigan is the state where the most Slurpee drinks are consumed).

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